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Regardless of the size of your elementary STEM implementation, STEM is Elementary works with you to develop plans specific to your needs, objectives, and resources.  
​We offer STEM training to inspire educators and students alike.  STEM is Elementary will help to assess your current situation, clarify your objectives, and chart a course for success.
Our integrated units, full year curriculums, and custom implementations are always standards-based. STEM is Elementary matches needs and budgets to design quality STEM instruction. 

Dear Fellow Educator,

    Are you ready to finally close the achievement and opportunity gaps that persist in our country?

    Are you tired of spending money on new curriculum year after year with the same flat-lined results? 

    Is it hard to fit all subjects into the school day, and do justice to each one?

    Are you finding that students are unable to think critically or work cooperatively in groups?

I’ve absolutely answered yes to all of these questions. Having taught second through eighth grades for the past 20 years, there were days when I felt like I’d walked a mile across burning hot coals in my bare feet!

Out of necessity, I discovered the best way to motivate students and make my job easier – elementary STEM education.  The process I have created uses all resources, the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and plain old good teaching to create instruction that allows all students to succeed. Now you can use meaningful elementary STEM instruction to get your students performing the way you know they can!

The STEM is Elementary process uses an interdisciplinary, STEM-focused (science, technology, engineering, math) approach to inspire and prepare early elementary-age students to lead the future.

Closing the achievement and opportunity gaps once and for all:
Having taught in the Minneapolis Public Schools for the past 22 years, I know that interdisciplinary, STEM programming provides a viable solution for closing the achievement and opportunity gaps. Because students are engaged and enthused about learning, they naturally develop the skills necessary in becoming effective communicators, critical thinkers, and productive group members. In other words, they’re ready to lead the future.

Interdisciplinary, elementary STEM education provides a successful model for closing the opportunity gap as well. Research shows that students, whose interest in STEM was sparked prior to middle school, were more likely to go into STEM fields later in life, earning on average 26% more than non-STEM workers. We want all students to have financially secure futures, and early STEM education helps this to happen!

New curriculum are unnecessary:
You might be thinking that your school or district already has good science and math curriculum. And perhaps, your district has even recently purchased new instructional materials, or spent thousands of dollars training teachers. That’s okay, because STEM is Elementary uses the resources and curriculum you already have. New materials are unnecessary!

Shifting our focus:
You also might be thinking that with all the required testing and unflattering labels resulting from the No Child Left Behind Act that your school cannot afford to take time away from reading or math. Let me assure you that by integrating literacy into elementary STEM education, students create a deeper understanding of concepts, because they are allowed to explore topics in depth. There is finally enough time in the day to teach everything and to do it well. Students succeed with interdisciplinary, early elementary STEM-focused instruction.

What about the standards you are required to teach? It’s taken care of! One of the best features of the process developed by STEM is Elementary is that it’s standards-based and tailored to meet the unique needs of your students! Every lesson is tied to one of the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics, and the Next Generation Science Standards. This ensures that all students receive rigorous, interdisciplinary, standards-based instruction.

You can teach the elementary STEM way:
Concepts and standards are clearly explained in all STEM is Elementary developed materials, so it’s easy to deliver effective, rigorous instruction. The STEM is Elementary process purposefully plans for the integration of disciplines to engage and challenge all learners. Out talented staff offers support to all sites in the planning and implementation of elementary STEM programs.

Is STEM really that important to elementary-age students?
STEM is absolutely, positively necessary in preparing elementary-age students to compete in a new global society. Students cannot be expected to think scientifically in middle school and beyond if they have not had the opportunity to experience STEM during the elementary years. 

Students achieve at high levels, develop the skills to communicate effectively, think critically, and work cooperatively all because of science, technology, engineering and mathematics!  From experience, I know that elementary STEM-focused learning works for all students!

Don’t wait to begin closing the achievement and opportunity gaps and preparing your students to lead the future!

Your STEM colleague,

Glory Oljace

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